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Funfest Charitable Trust was formed in 2008 with the sole purpose of creating a free event for families of Auckland. 

Our focus was to bring families and communities together in a positive environment.

We've successfully created a fun safe place for families to enjoy every year. Thousands of families have grown up with Funfest.

Our event has grown to an audience of over 40,000 people annually from all over the country and all ages. We are the only annual Auckland summer event with free entry, free parking, free rides and free prizes.


There is simply no other event that compares with Funfest in terms of attractions, scale and social responsibility.


Our event now includes an invitational day for children with special needs and their families.


We've also added the Manukau Careers Expo which runs inside Funfest promoting a range of products and services that encourage family well-being, health, education and careers.


Funfest promotes positive relationships throughout families and communities. 

Funfest is proudly sponsored by Major Sponsor Wiri Licensing Trust. 

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Wiri Licensing Trust

Funfest is proudly presented by Major Sponsor Wiri Licensing Trust. 

The purpose of the trust is to positively influence our local community through nurturing relationships, networks and organisations that do good in our hood.


Wiri Licensing Trust is a community owned business that responsibly manages two hospitality venues and a portfolio of commercial real estate assets in South Auckland.  


The Trust is governed by people elected directly from our community to ensure accountability and alignment to our purpose.


The Wiri Licensing Trust gives back to our local community with donations, grants and sponsorships. 

For more information visit

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Funfest is supported by Trillian Trust. 

The Trust was formed to pro​vide support to other New Zealand based charitable and not-for-profit organisations through grants for specific purposes that benefit the community.


The benefactors of the Trust are the charitable and not-for-profit organisations that receive grants from the Trust.


For more information visit

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